Joyce’s Process

The Drafting of “Proteus” Lines 390-398 A side eye at my Latin Quarter hat. Walking across the sands of all the world, origin of the sun’s flaming sword to the west, to evening lands. She trudges; schlepps, trains, drags, trascines her load. A tide westering, moondrawn, in her wake. Moondrawn tides within her, a [illegible], […]

The Big Wonderful Digital Première

Filo Sofi Arts invites you to celebrate with us as we launch our Digital Première of the work of Iris Scott. Please join us for The Big Wonderful, presented in collaboration with Burnet Fine Art.

The virtual event will take place at 12 pm EST Tuesday, May 26, when we will also celebrate Iris’ birthday. Access to a digital viewing room will be extended after the event. Click here to register. Continue reading “The Big Wonderful Digital Première”